Online quran reading an easy and convenient approa

The literal meaning of ‘’Quran’’ is ‘’’recitation or reading’’. It has compelled us to ponder where we stand. Are we reading it rightly? The Holy Quran is the message of Allah for all human beings till the day of recession. All the matters and facts about Duniya and Akirah are discussed in detail in the Quran. Our religion has accentuated to get knowledge or consultation from Quran in case of any problem. There are solutions to all problems. The Quran is itself defining every aspect in depth so that there is no need for any other messenger. The word ‘’Quran’’ has been repeated 70 times in the Holy Quran.  A few Muslims have a vague or ambiguous idea about Islam. This sacred book lies in the heart of millions of Muslims.

The learning of the Quran by heart is above all virtues. The online Quran reading in the USA has been made convenient and flexible for Muslims living in non-Muslim states through Skype. It is the responsibility of parents to start teaching the Quran to their children during the early stage. At the age of 5 or 6 years, the children have pure minds and enhance memorization capabilities. Now I would like to share my experience. I have been living in New York. I and my husband both are working in a firm and we cannot manage time to go to mosque. Moreover, it was very difficult to find a trustworthy Quran scholar in town. That’s why we decided to go for an online Quran academy in the USA. The more satisfying thing was that I the selected time of my own choice by proper consultation with online tutors.

I was concerned about the proper pronunciation and identification of words at the beginning. The Quran teachers solved this confusion by teaching them in an engaging and interesting manner. They started with Noorani Qaida because it is easy and simple to be perceived by children. The Quran tutors use eloquent language to build interest among children. As the Arabic language is very sensitive even trivial transitions result in the biggest change of meanings. The online Quran academy in the USA provided me with experienced teachers that widen interest and knowledge of Islam in my children. My children also memorized Dua and Surah that helped me a lot. Even after a few days, I felt that my children were showing willingness, obedience, and love to learn Quran. For me, it is not less than a triumph. The teachers know how to teach children. They are both accommodating and strict at the same time.

This one-to-one communication mode helped to focus on children. I can also monitor them by sitting aside. I feel secure rather than sending my kids to a mosque. Through online Quran reading in the USA, my children can recite the Quran without any mistake. This type of platform has eliminated the struggle of parents to search for appropriate Quran learning academy. It has also overcome the barriers between Islam and knowledge.