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Tip for How You Can Improve Fluency in Holy Quran Reading

Tip for How You Can Improve Fluency in Holy Quran Reading

There are most effective ways to increase your fluency in the Arabic language is by reading the Holy Quran. By following the methods over time you’ll go from stuttering simple words to reciting any verse of the Holy Quran as easily as you can recite Surah al-Fatiha.  Some easy ways to Improve Your Fluency are given below.

  • Link New and Old Habit

This is the most effective way to build a new habit. You need to link the new habit of reciting the Quran in Arabic with the old one that you already do every single day without fail. Something for example brushing your teeth in the morning. When you’re going to do this, then you should do it with a prayer you have been doing consistently. You should not do it if you think you’ll be stressed. You can easily increase your fluency in Holy Quran Reading by joining the Online Quran academy.

  • Intelligent Repetition

This trick will double or triple your speed at reading the Quran. Let’s say you’ve decided at every night after Isha’s prayer recite two pages of the Holy Quran and 2 pages in the morning before you leave for work in the morning. Instead of on day one morning reciting the first 2 pages and the next 2 pages at night, try this out. On day one morning, recite page 1, then in the evening, recite page 1 again, and again. The next day, you will move on to page 2, and then continue this process. In the end, you might like to go through all 7 pages you completed that week.




  • Get your iPod Out

If you are struggling, the iPod technique will move you forward. Get Online Quran classes for Holy Quran recitation from a famous recite, whose voice you liked. Listen to the recitation, as you read along the script with your finger. Even if the reciter goes way too fast for you, just finger along the page. Then, rewind to where the page started, and do it again. Because the reciter speed goes much faster than you, and in one sitting you can go over the same page several times. Eventually, you will be able to follow with your eyes, lips, and tongue.

So, here are some quick ways to improve your recitation:

Read 1 page of the Quran after a prayer

Repeat the same page several times

Learn 5 words of Quran vocab per day

Get your iPod out and read along with a reciter

  • Learn Some Vocabulary

Before you start reciting the Holy Quran do not wait until you know all of Quranic Arabic. This is a common mistake and in this way you waste time.  You will still be a slow reciter if you do not recite the Holy Quran. For one month if you manage to learn words a day and still do your daily recitations, you’ll know easily Quranic vocabulary in a month or two. This will give you a huge boost and momentum.

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