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How Tafheem ul Quran Online Academy is Helping Reverts to Learn About Islam?

How Tafheem ul Quran Online Academy is Helping Reverts to Learn About Islam?

Assalam-u-alikum, my name is Ayesha Fatima. I reverted to Islam last year. It was a life-changing moment when I first heard azan. One of my friends is Muslim. I went to a Muslim gathering for Eid celebrations. It was Duhr time and everyone went to offer prayer. The mozan, his sermon, and dua inspired me a lot. I went against my rituals and family to accept Islam. Alhumdulillah, I am a true believer of Islam now. Although it was a struggling period for me yet Allah showed His mercy and blessing upon. I wanted to learn a lot about Islam. I got admission in a nearby mosque. Everything was pretty good except timings.

My friend suggested me to find a good online Quran reading academy. I went through the website of Tafheem ul Quran Online Academy for finding a good tutor. The resume of all tutors was displayed on their website. It was very easy for me to choose one of them. I started three-day trial classes for my satisfaction. It was a reliable experience. Besides this, their packages were affordable too.

Being a female, I selected an online female Quran tutor for me. When she came to know about me, she welcomed me open-heartily in the circle of Islam. She promised to guide me in every matter of daily life routine. I informed her about my timing issues. With mutual understanding, we set up time according to my feasibility. I really appreciate her punctuality, professionalism, and dedication to teaching me.

The online Quran reading was easy and simple for me as I could take classes from home. My tutor shared video lectures, historical incidents, daily supplications, and other stuff that made this journey easy for me. The mode of learning was Skype as it is easily available. The video-sharing facility helped me to understand the lectures.

As I was totally unaware of the Arabic language, my tutor helped me a lot. First of all, she taught me some basic alphabets of the Arabic language from Noorani Qaida. I have always been a quick learner. The interesting teaching style helped me understand the lessons quickly. Additionally, my online female Quran tutor specially focused on pronunciation. Gradually and slowly, I learned Tajweed rules and their application. Today, I know how to use different focal points in my mouth to correctly pronounce the alphabet.

With her endless efforts, I achieved my milestone in less duration of time. In just a few days, both of us developed an emotional bond with each other. The most satisfactory part was revision, quiz, and test sessions. The test sessions helped to fill my knowledge gaps and quiz sessions helped me to learn new things. Similarly, the revision sessions were designed to strengthen my weak points. My weekly progress reports gave me motivation and encouragement for achieving my goals. She was more than a mentor to me. Even I contact her today for the sake of guidance. Alhumdulillah, I can recite the Quran eloquently without any hesitation.

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