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Online Quran Recitation

Tafheem-UL-Quran is the platform for children and adults to learn and recitation of Quran Online. All rules of life Allah conveys to us in the form of the Holy Quran. It is the basic and most important purpose for Muslims to read and learn the Quran recitation also understands. We have skilled teacher males and females who accurately teach the Online Quran recitation. The teachers have skilled and experience of many years for teaching best. So online learning of Quran is easy in the world of the internet. All ages of people can learn no matter if they are adults or children. Also, we provide basic Islamic education for children.
But with the learning also translation of the Quran must be due to understanding, that’s why we can understand the message of Allah. Tafheem UL Quran provides an easy way for those people where mosques are far away From home,you can easily take Quran classes by your home office or another place, you can learn easily the Alphabets of holy Quran online. Only you need a laptop, skype ID and an internet connection for reading and learning. Online classes of different courses available for day and night time also.

You can learn the Quran recitation if you want and set time of your choice because tutor’s are available 24/7. Also, a student can choose classes’at day or night time easily. We also provide different courses like Quran with Tajweed, Quran with Translation,Memorization,Tafseer,Arabic Language & Quran learning classes, Advance Tajweed of Quran, etc.