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Welcome to the Tafheem-UL-Quran Online Institute….!

We are Muslim and thankful to Allah to create us with great blessings. Due to born as a Muslim we must know about the Quran but it’s possible only when we learn Islamic education from the best teacher or institute. You can memorize the Quran only when you love Allah with heart. When you spiritually strong then you easily memorize the Holy Quran in your beautiful heart. We provide the best services and courses for students, maybe they are adults or children. All of that student can easily learn, recite and memorize Quran from Tafheem-UL-Quran academy. It’s not easy to memorize the Holy Quran in your heart but with experienced teachers, you can easily learn and memorize. We have huge experience in the field of Quran teaching for many years.

We provide a very simple and effective method for students who want to memorize the Quran with less time. Also, we provide a vast range of male and female staff for teaching the Holy Quran education also different courses as well as the Online Quran Memorization course. The best age of Quran memorization is started from the 5-year-old children. Because in a small age, the memory of kids is strong as compared to adults and olds. The kids easily pick the knowledge and memorize for long-lasting.

We know how to memorize the Quran in your heart. Starting from Verse to Verse and you reached on the final stage when you full memorize the Holy Quran. The aim of our institute is only passing the right knowledge of the Quran to Muslim children and adults. You connect with us only with your skype ID. For this, you just need a good internet connection and headphones because using headphones you can easily listen and no difficulty occurs during your class.