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Learn Quran with Tajweed via Online Academy in the USA

Learn Quran with Tajweed via Online Academy in the USA

The word Islam means “submission to the will of Allah”. It has clearly elaborated on the importance of learning the Quran. The obedience of Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is mandatory to become a good Muslim. Every verse of the Holy Quran has specific meanings and teachings. The correct recitation and pronunciation of the Quran are known as ‘’Tajweed’’. Every Muslim wish to recite the Quran in the most dynamic way. Now the question arises for how to pronounce words and letters? Our ancestors have passed on this information from generation to generation. Several people have an issue for reading Quran with appropriate pronunciation. There are certain attributes and rules to recite the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation. No doubt, the Arabic language is difficult to learn and understand. There are certain aspects to elaborate on the characteristics features of the Holy Quran in order to learn it correctly.

Here, I am narrating the story of my mother. We have been living in the United States of America since our childhood. My family is very conventional and religious. As my mother got married in early so, she could not get a chance to learn the Quran with Tajweed. Hence, she decided to take classes for Tajweed. But the mosque was 5 km away from our house. She could not cover this distance on the daily basis. Then I found an online Quran academy in the USA. Through this platform, my mother started to take her classes online. There are no boundaries of age or gender to start learning the Quran and my mother is proof of it.

Being a housewife, it was convenient for her to take classes right after Duhar prayer. She consulted with her tutor and adjusted an appropriate time according to her will. This one-to-one tutoring system helped her learn in a flexible and engaging environment. She was a beginner and 47 years old. Surely, she did not have a brain as children have but with efforts of professional teachers, she was able to recite the Quran with proper pronunciation. The qualified teachers guided her about Waqouf, Raqee, Tasheed, Zabr, Zeer, Maad, and many other things. The online Tajweed Quran in the USA had made her master of the Arabic language.

The tutor followed the most common recitation method of Imam Hafs. The tutor was very helpful and punctual. The professional and experienced tutor had complete command over Tajweed. She practiced daily of her lessons to overcome her shortage. This customized online learning platform really pushed her to spend time learning the Quran. Through the online Tajweed Quran in the USA, my mother became more active and curious to learn Islamic history. The tips and techniques actually helped her to learn the Arabic language. Now Alhumdulillah she is able to recite Quran eloquently and fluently without any error.

I will definitely go for an online Quran academy in the USA to learn the Quran for my children. The adults and children both get benefit from this excellent learning platform.

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