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Recite and learn the Quran with reliable online Quran reading academy

Recite and learn the Quran with reliable online Quran reading academy

Islamic is the second largest religion of the world and the number of its followers is approximately 1.8 billion. Abdullaah ibn Amr ibn Al-’Aas(R.A) once narrated that Muhammad S.A.W focused to recite the Quran in a beautiful language. This hadith shows the importance of reading the Quran with Tajweed. No doubt, the Arabic language is one of the toughest languages to learn. It is very necessary to have an experienced teacher that guides about tricks and crux to read it. Almost 24.1% of people of the total population of the world are Muslims.

I have a 9 years old son. My son is the biggest fan of football and he goes to the football club at 5:00 pm daily. His Quran class started at 6:00 pm at the mosque and he got late daily. It was a constantly worried situation for both of us. It was difficult to find a trusted Qari because the security and safety of my son is my top priority. Then I and my husband decided to start online Quran classes in Pakistan at home. The ease of flexible timing offered him deliverance from getting late. I contacted a reliable online Quran academy to find an appropriate Qari for my son. After discussing with the teacher, we selected 8:00 pm for online Quran classes.

Online Quran academies provide the cost-effective and efficient platform for learning the Quran:

My son sometimes gets tired after football match which reduces his interest in learning the Quran. I am very happy that the online Quran teacher has inculcated interest by the engaging teaching method. His communication method is polite and eloquent. The gentle speaking skills help to understand the Quran. The effective and modern linguistic method and teaching techniques have made it easier for my son to learn the Quran. We offer the world-class Quran learning facilities by dedicated teachers that are graduated from the reputed Islamic education institutes.

The qualified teachers focus on the pronunciation of the Quran:

The pronunciation was the major issue because the previous Qari did not focus on it. The online Quran reading platform has shown focus on his Tajweed and orthoepy. The certified Quran teacher has introduced simple methods to understand the Quran. The teacher identified his weak points and worked for it. The teacher is punctual even sometimes my son gets late for classes. These face-to-face online classes are interactive and effective.

With the help of constant guidance and practice, my son has become an eloquent reader of the Quran. Moreover, my son has started reading the Quran with Nazira. My son is not only learning the Quran but also getting the knowledge of Islamic values. My son has also learned about prayer methods, Wazu method, Dua, Surah, and lessons from the life of prophets of Allah. The teacher gives me feedback about his performance. The online Quran reading platform is suitable for males and females that enable them to be self-sufficient and master for reading the Quran.

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