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Online Tajweed Course-build your Grounds to Recite the Quran Eloquently

Online Tajweed Course-build your Grounds to Recite the Quran Eloquently

Allah has revealed this book for Muslims to seek guidance in any matter of life. Allah has promised 10 virtues on the recitation of a single word of the Quran. Hazrat Daud A.S is famous for his beautiful voice. He A.S was used to recite Zaboor in his eloquent voice. Similarly, Allah has blessed Umat-e-Muhammad with the Quran. Muhammad S.A.W and his Shabah were used to recite the Quran eloquently. It emphasizes all Muslims to recite the Quran fluently and beautifully. Even you can apply the knowledge of the Quran to resolve your daily life issues.

What is Tajweed?

Hazrat Jibraeel A.S recited the Quran in front of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H with Tajweed. It is an obligation upon us to recite the Quran proficiently. We recite the Quran daily in prayers but how many of us are reciting it correctly. Sometimes we do not realize that either we are observing the rules of Tajweed or not. The verbal meaning of the word Tajweed is ‘’doing something with proficiency’’. The root word for Tajweed is Jayyid which means ‘’good’’. Each letter of the Quran has specific characteristics and certain rules.

How Tajweed rules evolved?

When Islam started to spread in different parts of the world, many non-Arabs entered in the circle of Islam. As Arabic was not their native language, they started facing many problems. The scholars of Islam decided to fix a set of rules to avoid mistakes in the recitation of the Quran. Hence, the application of Tajweed rules during the recitation of the Quran to avoid mistakes is Fardh Kifaayah for Muslims. The online Quran with Tajweed always focuses on Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter to recite each alphabet correctly.

What is the role of online Quran teaching academies?

Allah has promised a company of noble and obedient angels for those who recite the Quran by applying Tajweed rules. The focal point of Tajweed course is to clearly distinguish between the sounds of vowels without confusing them with another letter. The online courses are designed to establish a two-way link between a student and teacher by using interactive learning methods.

The professional and experienced online Quran academy allows learning Tajweed in a short duration of time with the best instructor. The one-on-one Skype session overcomes the communication gap between pupils and teachers. The teachers can directly focus on students to point out their mistakes.

The certified scholars have a complete grip on the subject to help students by all means. They explain articulation points and phonics of alphabets in swiftly and understandably. The main purpose of the online Quran with Tajweed is to deal with a high level of accuracy while reading the Quran. The teachers highly emphasize learning the grammatical rules of Arabic language.

Besides pronunciation, Qiraat is also important. Reciting the Quran with Qiraat and Tajweed gives immense pleasure and satisfaction of heart. If you are eager in learning Tajweed rules, you can contact the online Quran academy to become the master of the Quran.

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